Mission Statement

Be Happy Skateboards (BHS), based in Texas, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the skateboarding community through our fun and playful skateboard designs. We believe that skateboarding should be about having fun and spreading joy, which is why we create high-quality skateboards with cartoon-style graphics that are inspired by pop culture and Kawaii art. Our mission is to bring happiness to skaters everywhere and to inspire others to embrace the fun and creative side of skateboarding. At BHS, we’re dedicated to providing skateboards that not only perform well, but also bring a smile to everyone who sees them. Join us in our mission to make the skateboarding world a happier place!

Heavily influenced by Hip hop, Anime, and pop culture Be happy Skateboards brings a unique style to skateboard decks, and the skateboarding community that has rarely been seen.

Vibrant designs, Iconic hip hop elements, and aspects of everything from street slang, to nerd-core make Be happy Skateboards a truly unique brand.

Interested in joining our team? Be happy Skateboards is always looking for new motivated staff members & athletes. If you’re interested in Sales, Marketing, or anything to do with representing our brand then reach out to us via a resume @ www.TheBehappyCompany.com

Sponsorships? …Free stuff?!

Both Be happy Skateboards is products of The Be happy Company.

The Be happy Company is our parent corporation.
They also own Be happy Records, Be happy TV, and Athletica by Be happy.


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